Micro Mood-o-Matic: RELAX
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BETAR Mood-O-Matic: RELAX Mood Tone Generators emit a low frequency waveform associated with the low alpha range of human brainwave activity - wakeful relaxation - using a powered BETAR dual-spin coil antenna.

The BETAR Relax Tone – 7.83 cycles per second – is the naturally-occurring frequency of resonance between the Earth’s upper atmosphere and the surface of the planet: The Schumann Earth Resonance Frequency. Below the range of normal human hearing, this soothing hum was the dominant background frequency for all living things until the arrival of the modern age, when heavy exposure to high energy electrical power grids and telecommunication signals became the norm.

Mood-O-Matic: RELAX Mood Tone Generators reverse this effect by serving as a peaceful source of stimulation that allows the user to remain centered in a positive state of wakeful relaxation. This is similar to the person who plays soothing classical music in his or her home in order to drown out the noise and clamor coming from the busy street outside. The noise outside is still present, but the listener’s focus is drawn to the pleasant music being played inside the house.

Mood-O-Matic: RELAX Mood Tone Generators are unobtrusive at home, in the office, or in the car. Because the Schumann Earth Resonance Frequency is below the range of normal human hearing, the waveform may be perceived as a low hum or not at all. Many users describe a wave of calm settling into the room when the unit is turned on.

A truly portable device powered by a 9 volt battery, the Micro Mood-o-Matic: RELAX fits easily in a pocket, in a purse,  or clipped to your belt. The Micro's compact dual-spin coil antenna is designed to reach approximately 3 feet (1m) in any direction, with greatest effect nearest the unit. 80 to 120 hours of continuous use can be expected from a 9 volt battery.

Switch off agitation with Mood-O-Matic: RELAX!

Measures just 4.2" x 2.4" x 0.8" (107mm x 60mm x 20mm)


  • Item #: BM-001
  • Manufacturer: BETAR USA
  • Condition: New

Micro Mood-o-Matic: RELAX

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