Portable Edition Table w/ Light Speaker Array
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The Spa Edition system is ideal for the home or light commercial environment.

A Seychelle™ flat top bamboo spa table by Oakworks® is outfitted with an eight-speaker light focused array and Deluxe 100 Amplifier. Riders drift away from their troubles on three inches of Oakworks plush padding while premium around-ear headphones deliver crystal clear reproduction of their favorite songs, symphonies, and soundscapes.

Table is 30" wide by 72" long and comes equipped with a 10' (3m) harness for connection to a Pro 700 amplifier.

Click here for swatches for all 21 Earth-friendly TerraTouch™ upholstery color options. Optional equipment from Oakworks includes a Quick-Lock Face Rest and an 8" (20cm) Fluffy Knee Bolster.

  • Item #: BV-002
  • Manufacturer: BETAR USA
  • Condition: New

Spa Edition System

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